New Show Champion !
"Kira" was awarded CC, BOS and the title
on the Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Club Championship Show on Nov. 9th 2013.
Thank you to judge breedspecialist Mr. DavidWilmshurst, GB!



We have got a new Champion !
Thurbajen Baltic King received his last CC on August 24th,
and is now Swedish Show Champion!
On the same show, his daughter, Kroppsmarkens Inspiration,
"Kira", got the reserve CC!


Pictures of our latest litter, please feel welcome to have a look !


25/7 2013
Kroppsmarkens For Your Eyes Only, "Tracy" x-rayed and free


Kira and Katarina on a short holiday in Högbo, June 16th.
(Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Club)
In a very hard competition, Kira won the Open Class,
and became 3rd Best Bitch, with the reserve CC !
Judge: Breedspecialist, Mr. Anthony Allen, England.


Puppies two weeks !

Puppies !

Ch Kroppsmarkens Hallmark in whelp!
Puppies expected at the end of May!


"Tracy" has had a great debut in the showring this Spring!
Best Junior and BIS - 4 on LRK Smålands Open Show on April 21st!

"Tracy" Best Junior and BIS on LRK Skånes Open Show on May 4th!
Best Breedersgroup
Kroppsmarkens Northern King, Kroppsmarkens Nik Nak,
Kroppsmarkens Just My Luck and Kroppsmarkens For Your Eyes Only.
Thanks to both judges, breed specialists,
Mrs. Alison Scutcher GB, and Mrs. Elisabeth Asbölmo Amundsen Sweden!


Katarina and Lars judging
in South of England Gundog Show , Maidstone Kent, England
28 April 2013


William puppies


Puppyphotos, 4 weeks


Chocolate litter due 15 of December 2012


Thurbajen Baltic King, winner on Swedish Spaniel
& Retriever Club Championship Show.
He won his second CC during this year and became Best of Breed.
His daughter, Kroppsmarkens Inspiration did very vell too.
She won the reserve - CC and became 4th best bitch !
Many thanks to the Swedish judge, Ms Kerstin Henriksson !


Puppies due middle of December !


105 labradors at DKK Internationell Championship Winnershow
in Herning, Denmark 3/11 2012
Judge: Mr. Ron James, GB
" Pimms " won Reserv CC & 4th Best bitch !



"Pimms" BOB again under breed specialist Jan-Erik Ek,
on August 26th on Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Club,
Championship Show in Gustavsberg.
Her father, Thurbajen Baltic King won the reserve ticket
and became 3rd Best Dog !


New Champion !

Kroppsmarkens Hallmark won her last ticket under breed specialist
Mrs. Sandra Hibbert, GB, on the Swedish Kennelclub
Championship Show in Ronneby August 15th !
She has now won all her tickets and 3 BOB
under breed specialists within the last month!

Many thanks to the judges Mrs. Inga Bonnez, Mrs. Birgit Roed
and Mrs. Sandra Hibbert for thinking so highly of her,
all placings are special to us!



Father and daughter, Thurbajen Baltic King och Kroppsmarkens Hallmark, CC and BOS, CC and BOB
at the same show !
SSRK, Gävleborg 15th July 2012.
Thank you to the judge, breedspecialist Mrs. Birgit Roed, Denmark!


Kroppsmarkens Hallmark
got her certificate, CC,
became Best of Breed and finally a 2nd place in Best in Show
on the Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Championship Show
on July 8th 2012 in the region of Norrbotten.
Thanks to judge, breedspecialist,Mrs. Inga Bonnez, Denmark
and to the Best in Show judge Mr. Jostein Halvorson, Norwegian !



New photos on CH Dee-Fair Watsons Magnificent, William !
and on Kroppsmarkens Old Fashion Me, Nike !



On the Swedish Kennelclub Championship Show in the county of Scania, on May 19th,
Kroppsmarkens Hallmark won the Open Class with the reserve CC and became 3rd Best Bitch !
This was her first official competition!
Kroppsmarkens Oldfashion Me, winner in Youngster Class with CK,
even she made her official debut this day.
Kroppsmarkens Solitaire, Best Of Breed Puppy.
Many thanks to judge, Mr. Fredrik Norgren!


On the breed club Open Show in the county of Scania on Maj 17th,
our Danish boy Ch Dee-Fair Watsons Magnificent, became Best In Show !
Kroppsmarkens Hallmark was second Best In Show on her very first show !
Kroppsmarkens Just My Luck, winner in Youngster Class,
her litter sister, Kroppsmarkens Oldfashion Me was second in the same class.
Kroppsmarkens Mr. Bond was placed as second Best In Show Puppy !
Many thanks to judge, breedspecialist Mrs. Åsa Iletorp!

New photo on Kroppsmarkens Evita



First pictures of the puppies, 10 days of age.


Our two black girls , Kroppsmakens Hallmark, "Pimms"
and Kroppsmarkens Oldfashion Me, "Nike" has now passed the x-ray !


Kroppsmarkens Inspiration, "Kira"
won Open Class and and became Reserve CC winner and 2nd Best bitch
at the Swedish Kennelclub Championship Show on September 10th. Judge: Mrs. Ewa Nielsen.


German Junior Champion! Kroppsmarkens Trendy Valentino
E. CH Annual´s Trendsetter u. Kroppsmarkens Just Me.
Warmest congratulations to the owner Mrs. Annika Schäffer,
kennel Scandica Labradors,Germany!



Picture of "James" beautiful mum, Thurbajen´s Latest Trick


Grand slam for "Kira"!
Kroppsmarkens Inspiration, "Kira", was awarded CC, CACIB and became BOB
at the Danish Kennelclub International Championship Show in Vejen, on July 28th !
Thank you to judge, breed specialist, Mr. John R. Crook, England !



New photo on Kroppsmarkens Nina Simone, "Pralin".


"James" got Reserve CC and became 4th best dog
at the Swedish kennelclub Championship Show in Tvååker on July 15th! Judge. Mr. Bertil Lundgren


"James" got the Reserve CC and became 2nd Best Dog under Mr. Kjell Svensson
on the Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Club Show in Rottneros on Saturday 2011 07 02.

Thank you to judge Mr. Kjell Svensson.



Photos from "Jonnas" litter

and also "Cullys puppies


CC and Best of Breed ! Kroppsmarkens Nina Simone,
a litter sister to our own Norah Jones, won her first ticket from youngsters class
and became Best of Breed at the SKK Championship Show in Avesta on June 18th 2011!
Thank you to judge, Mr. Hans van den Berg, Holland !



"James" got the reserve ticket at the Swedish Kennelclub International Championship show
on May 22nd 2011 under Mr. Patric Ragnarsson.

"James" Best in Show on April 17, region Småland, Open Show.
Judge, breed specialist Mrs. Kristina Berghänel.

puppies !


Newtaken pictures of our dear " James "


New photo on Kroppsmarkens Graceful Grace


New dogsite


The Queen has been mated !


Kroppsmarkens Inspiration got her first CC
under breed specialist Mr. Jan-Erik Ek on the International Dog Show
in Gothenburg on Saturday 8th January 2011.

She also became 3rd Best Bitch the day after under breed specialist Mrs. Moa Persson
on the International Dog Show in Gothenburg on Sunday 9th january 2011.



Puppy plans

Puppy plans 2012 !


Two new top placings for Kroppsmarken!
Kroppsmarkens Norah Jones became 2nd Best Bitch in a very hard competition on November 13th,
under judge, Mrs. Agneta Cardell. This was "Norhas" first official competition.
She has now had her own site. Please feel welcome to read more about her!

At the same show, Kroppsmarkens Force An Entry became 3rd Best Dog
on his first competition in the Open Class!
Congratulations to his handler and ownwer, Kerstin Meinen !


We have got a new Champion !
On the international Kennel Club show at Sofiero Castle in South of Sweden
we had a succesful day with our yellow import from Denmark, Dee-Fair Watsons Magnificent,
who had his last CC and became a Swedish show champion!
Our chocolate girl, Kroppsmarkens Awesome Eve
became winner in a very hard open class and ended up as 3rd best Bitch with reserve CACIB,
once again under a couple of weeks.
Kroppsmarkens Inspiration, our lovely black girl,
became 3rd winner in open class with CK.
Entered dogs: 91.

SSRKs Show in Gustavsberg 29 August,
K.Inspiration got 4Best bitch and littersister , K. Richochet got reserv Best bitch
and Kroppsmarkens Awesome Eve reserv in openclass with CK,
under breedjudge Lene Johansen from Danmark.




New phothos of "Kira", Kroppsmarkens Inspiration!
and some new pictures of the puppies at 8 weeks


Kroppsmarkens Awesome Eve, 4th Best bitch, R-CACIB
SKK Int Eskilstuna 22 of August


At last some puppy photos !



"Jonnas" site & "Kiras" site


Happy go lucky :-))

On April 18th "Kira" won and became Best in Show on Region Smålands big Open Show !
Thanks to judge/ breeder Mrs. Lotta Larsson, kennel O´Sofinas !
The junior winner , Kroppsmarkens Carmen Miranda,became Best in Show 4 !
The sire to both winners is Thurbajen Baltic King.

Puppies are born !


Nora won her third Best of Breed out of three big puppy shows !


We recieved a lovely picture from Alabama USA
of AM CAN INT Champion SGM DOC Anter
one of several succesful offspring by
BISCH CANCH SWSCH Kroppsmarkens Papas Pride !
We feel so proud and congratulate the breeder Dr. Jean Hickam !


Successful offspring of Thurbajen Baltic King !
Kroppsmarkens Force An Entry second Best Dog,
Kroppsmarkens Inspiration third Best Bitch
on SSRK Championship Show on 7 of November!

Kroppsmarkens Norah Jones Best Of Breed Puppy
and 4th Best in Group winner!
Kroppsmarkens Nina Simone, a litter sister, also won Best Of breed Puppy
on another Open Show on the same day. Well done !


Black puppies due in December !


New pics of our litter, 8-9 weeks!


11/7 2009 SKK Int Tvååker
1/2 Openclass CK, Reserv Best Bitch , Kroppsmarkens Just me


Chocolate and black puppies born !


Planned litters


Kroppsmarkens Awesome Eve


Visiting ”Jonna” in Tyresö.
(E. Thurbajen Baltic King u. Kroppsmarkens Empress Josephine`)


William CC winner and Best of Breed

CC quality and 2nd Best Dog was Kroppsmarkens Force An Entry
( E. Thurbajen Baltic King u. kroppsmarkens Brown Amber)



New picture of William & Cully


”Higgins” Kroppsmarkens Force An Entry
Best In Show on Region Scanias Open Show on May 9th


We are all very anxious about Cully coming in season…
we will keep you informed !


9/11 2008
” Kira” Kroppsmarkens Inspiration
E. Thurbajen Baltic King u. Kroppsmarkens Empress Josephine´,
won and became BOB on the big Kennelclub Puppy-show, all breeds,
in the south of Sweden! Our thanks to the judge, Mr. Ola Eriksson!
Photos of our beautiful “Kira” will come shortly…

The day before, her mother, Kroppsmarkens Empress Josephine
became third Best Bitch
on the Spaniel & Retriever Championship Show in the south of Sweden.


Yellow litter planned !


"Higgins" 3 Shows 3 BOB and 1 BIS 3 Puppy !

Kroppsmarkens Hubble Bubble Over Thurbajen - successful winning in Ireland !
1 Green Star, 2 Reserve Green Stars, 1 Reserve CACIB !
Congratulations to "Hubble" and Jenny!


” Higgins” BOB Puppy again ! SSRK, Hasslarp 7 june 2008.
Judge: Connie Svane, Denmark


Thurbajen Baltic King Best In Show
and one of his sons Best Puppy In Show !


New photos on Kroppsmarkens Just me


William CC & BOS . SKK/Nat Larv 11/5


New photos on "William" 2 ½ years

New photos on James-puppies


Kroppsmarkens Just me and Kroppsmarkens Yellow Surprise passed the x-ray !


A succesful day for Kroppsmarken on Malmö International dogshow March 16 !
William & Grace



We have new puppyphotos !



Puppies !


New picture of our dear "James"

Yellow and black puppies sired by
Dee-Fair Watsons Magnificent och Thurbajen Baltic King !
More information, call us +46 451- 62280.


Newtaken pictures of
Kroppsmarkens Brown Amber
Kroppsmarkens Empress Josephine
Kroppsmarkens Cully

Also newtaken pictures of our Chocolate puppies


Kroppsmarkens Graceful Grace winner of Intermediate Class in Norway !


Kroppsmarkens Yellow Surprise

Chocolate litter due in the beginning of September !

Kroppsmarkens New Connection new Track Champion!


"Cilla" got her 2nd CC and BOS in Rottneros 7 of july !


Kroppsmarkens Graceful Grace


New pictures of "Chelsey"


New pictures of "Marta"


New Optigen results !


Planned litters


Best In Show Puppy


New photos on "William"


Top placements at the Swedish Spaniel and Retrieverclub
Championship Show 4 of March !
"Cilla" CC & BOB
"Cully" CC Quality , 3rd Best bitch
"William"CC Quality , 3rd Best dog
Judge: Anna-Marie Mohr DK


Headstudies of Kroppsmarkens Just Me, "Chelsey"


We are delighted to present our lovely dog from Denmark,
Dee-Fait Watsons Magnificent !


Happy news at Kroppsmarken
Kroppsmarkens Cully & Kroppsmarken Brun Utan Sol passed the X-ray

Photo Amber puppies 5 days !

New photo on Major

"Cully" Best In Show! ........ "James" 2 Best In Show!


Thanks to "Tjotte" our webmaster ,who is a wonderful help for us!
Now she has taken some lovely phothos of our dogs too.
Please, feel welcomt to have a look !

Chocolate site

New link

" Tubbe " winner in United States of America!

Summer Greetings from Thurbajen´s Kazabbie Highest Regard "Jet"
to all his relatives in Sweden!
"Jet"(Thurbajen´s The Bold Bishop X Thurbajen Rythm N Blues)
in other words a grandson to Kroppsmarkens Hubble Bubble Of Thurbajen!
We wish him and his owner Mrs. M. Rees, all the best of winning in the showring !
On Welsh Kennel Club, on August 20, "Jet" won his class under Mrs. Linda Mc Gillivray!


Gränna 18/6 2006, BOB Puppy & BIS-4 Kroppsmarkens Cully
Judge: Sheila Walton, England


Thurbajen's Baltic King x-rayed !


Planned litter !


Top Show Award in Canada !!!


New puppy photos


Best In Show puppy *** Best In Show 2 puppy
9th April was Kroppsmarkens Cully (photo) and our dear Dee-Fair Watsons Magnificent !
Thank you to Judge breed specialst Mr. Anthony Allen, England!
( Cully is by Thurbajens The Merry Major & Kroppsmarkens Prime Time )


Optigenresult !


New photo on James

Whirl of happiness


Optigenresults !

Cilla 2nd Best Bitch, Recerve CACIB, Stockholm International Dog Show !

New pictures of yellow litter !

New pictures of chocolate litter !


New photo on "James"

"James" Best In Show !










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